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Here at Wynn Financial Solutions, we strive to build long-term relationships between our clients and business partners alike. Helping our clients succeed financially is at the forefront and the foundation of what we do.

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Nam Nguyen, CEO & Founder

Nam grew up all over the United States. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While serving he did 2 tours to the Middle East. Prior to the military he always had a fascination with money and business, mainly due to helping his mother with her finances. He quickly realized that many were never taught about money management.

His peers were spending their paycheck before even receiving it, ruining their credit before the age of 21, and making many poor financial decisions. As Nam was becoming more senior, he was providing financial and credit counseling to new Marines who were just hitting the unit. Young military members were very easy targets for high-interest rates, overvalued cars, and irresponsible spending.

Shortly after his honorable discharge, he uses his G.I. Bill to pursue higher education. While working his new civilian job, he continues to provide personal finance advice to his co-workers. Having a passion for teaching others better money management skills, he then started a YouTube channel to teach world financial literacy. After correcting unauthorized negative marks on his own credit report, he’s been helped people close to him with their credit. With his passion for helping others to reach their financial and credit goals, then started Wynn Financial Solutions. 



Having great credit gives you financial freedom. We think it’s unfair that coming from a disadvantaged background or dealing with financial challenges early in life can make it harder to qualify for sound financial opportunities. Our mission is to help you lay the foundation of your financial future by improving your credit. Analyzing credit reports and dealing with creditors can be complicated – we cut through the financial information to look for ways we can improve your credit score.

– Make improving your credit easy
– Keep you informed about your credit status
– Help you to qualify for better financial opportunities


We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to credit repair services, and you want to find a company you can trust. That’s why we put transparency and customer satisfaction first. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees, and if you’re dissatisfied with our service there is no binding contract.

– Customer service
– Transparency
– No binding contract – cancel anytime

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